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JamiiSawa and the inhabitants of Mambo are happy to invite people who intend to contribute in their development. Although there are some pre conditions. One is that you need to have specific professional skills and you are prepared to transfer your knowledge to our villagers. Also in general our friends have to take care of their own income. JamiiSawais happy to support positive initiatives but is not able to pay salaries or even costs for stay. In general we can advise you to do the same as we are advising our fellow villagers: let inspire you, there are many possibilities for setting up a business or getting funding.

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The mission of JamiiSawa is to improve the economics in our area, basically the Ward Sunga, a community of 8 villages aroundMamboViewPoint Eco lodge.

An increased economics will assist people to solve their poverty and will enable them to pay for schools, health care, water and other.

Since all things are interrelated we are working in many fields. In all fields however the main goal is to make things sustainable and to empower people to take their live in their own hands.

One of the means to collect knowledge is to invite skilled volunteers who can transfer their knowledge to local people.

Friends of Mambo

We call our volunteers “friends of Mambo”. If you like to join you can become a friend of Mambo. For friends of Mambo we can offer a nice stay, we can connect you with people who can benefit of your knowledge or with whom you can cooperate. When you leave we can keep an eye on the project. In all cases the project will operate under the supervision of JamiiSawa.For the stay we have special fair rates for stay and food and is has to be for at least 14 days and generally max 6 weeks on a row. Also longer stays are possible but there is always a probation period.

Internships, PHD’s and thesis students

Applications for an internship and thesis students can be written by e-mail.
Interns will be settled like Friends of Mambo. This means that they need to have commitment to development work and that they are not paid but have to contribute to the costs for staying. Like normal applicants we expect to know the motivation and CV. Also we expect a fair amount of self-reliance, however professional knowledge is available.

In return you will have a unforgettable experience in working in uncommon conditions and a opportunity to contribute to poverty reduction by transferring knowledge to people who can make a living with it. Thesis and PHD must be not only scientific but also have a practical component which is benefitting the community.

Exchange programs

For short stay volunteering or volunteer holidays we organize a special exchange program. The aim is to connect with local people and to exchange ideas and knowledge. Some small projects can be done but also activities like hiking are a part of the program.


There is a big variety of different projects. Volunteers always are working in a field which is fitting with their skills; for example a teacher can work in teaching, a medical doctor or a midwife in health care etc. We don;t want people to work in fields without knowledge. F.e. local people perfect know how to build a classroom, but they are happy to learn new building techniques from an architect.

In the projects people from all layers are involved. Men, women, children, of all ages. However in all cases there is a local structure like a school, a cooperation, a sports club with local leaders where the project is linked to. Direct care (f.e. for ill people, orphans or children) is not a task of JamiiSawa and for sure also not for volunteers. Teaching others how to do such a task however is.


* price per person per night level Jan 2019; change of prices due to various reasons possible

  • Including: stay, full board, guidance, laundry, some free time activities, lecture development, drinking water, wifi.
  • Excluding: visa, drinks, translators and other local workers, swahili lessons, costs for materials and local transport.
  • In case the lodge is busy temporally stay in another place or even in small tents is possible.

Costs transparency

The earlier mentioned costs are 100% for stay and food. They are based on the real costs and no profit is made on those. For volunteers who are staying longer these costs are even subsidized by MamboViewPoint. The profits of the lodge (if there are any) is coming from normal guests who pay more. Even backpackers always pay more compared to volunteers.

The costs for the projects are funded from private gifts, companies, or volunteers who are collecting money for their project. Since many infrastructural costs are covered by the lodge or special grants and volunteers all money which comes in for the foundation can be spent almost 100% on the projects.

How to continue

If you are interested after reading this page to work with us as a volunteer there is the following procedure:

  1. You write an email to us where you  introduce yourself, why you want to volunteer, why with us and in which period and what you think you can do.
  2. Via an email conversation we reach a proposal about what you can do.
  3. This proposal has to be sent in an English application and will be discussed by our local management. Also we will check references.
  4. If possible we will make an appointment to know each other.
  5. If everything is ok you can book your ticket and we will assist you with your travel. It is also possible to see if you can attach a holiday after your stay.

This procedure look a bit overdone probably but we try to protect us from people who actually ‘better can’t come and also to protect people from themselves to agree on something that might be to much of a challenge.

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