Projects and activities

TreePlanting (May2020) Tracking the seedlings. Check out @ (East of Sunga)
TreePlanting project (April 20) 5000 seedlings were grown by a local women group
MWUA project (Mtae Water Users Association) (April 20); water samples form sources around
Doula project (Jan 2020) A new training started in Sunga for 9 TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants)
Dula project (Dec 2019): 4 groups started learning knitting to make washable hygiene pads later.

ExchangeProgram: (Sept 2019) 16 girls started training for English and computer use to be able to exchange with 16 girls from the UK

Education (Sept 2019) : Tablet classes continued in the school holidays
Water (Oct 2019): follow-up from the waster conference establishing a new waterboard with all villages taking water from the Shagayu forest
Water (September 2019) :JamiiSawa joined the water conference for a better water supply of the Shagayu basin
Education for girls (Aug 2019): 50 primary school girls got each 5 washable hygiene pads and a lecture.

Reforestation (Aug 2019) 100 Mshai seedlings a natural spies from our trees nursery were planted
EDUCATION (2019): New classroom in Nkukai
HappyCowsHappyFarmers (Sept 2019): Our 5 auxiliary officers offered training about pan in Tema.
Animal health (July 2019) over 200 dogs got vaccines by our team led by Linda and the local vets
Water (June 2019): Water project meeting in Tema attended by about 75 villagers. The meeting was under water engineer Niek and Hoza together with the local government representative Mr. Justin who is also livestock officer
ChildCircus (May 2019) Training under auspiciƫn from mr Mboga, teacher primary school Mambo.
Water (April 2019) Checking waterpumps
Education: (Febr 2019) New Tablet classes are started. Around 40 kids are joining every Saturday and Sunday
Entrepreneurship ( Jan2019) JamiiSawa supported the MamMee yoghurt group with a micro loan and signboards for their new restaurant in Mambo center.
ChildCircus (Dec 2018) Xmas performance @ MamboViewPoint
Education (October 2018..current) New computer classes during holidays for secondary school students and standard 7 leavers by Salehe. 30 Students were registered, 18 came and 12 got their certificates
Agriculture (October 2018): 44 farmers, 50% men and 50% women joined the new Push&Pull program. The land is prepared for Maize, Dismodium and Elephant grass. Under direction of Martin Graf from Switzerland.
ChildCircus (December 2017) First performance of the Mambo Child circus in the new MamboViewPoint Open air Theatre!
Reforestation (August 2018..current) New seeds are planted for the tree nursery
Education (Aug ust2018) : A new entrepreneur class started in Tema
Education (Jun 2018) With help of a MamboViewPoint guest Another classroom is made nice and attractive. This time in Mtae.
Entrepreneurs (Aug 2017): The first 10 entrepreneurs started an entrepreneurs training. The main goal is to promote small scale business groups
AnimalHealth (July 2017): We were happy to have Linda and Owen, Veterinarians from Ireland who did a vaccination program for the cows, sheep, goats and dogs. 3 Auxiliary officers and our manager got an additional course in cattle keeping. They will continue to visit the farmers to advise how to improve.
Healthcare (Febr 2016) These 15 Awesome TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) from
Mambo and Nkukai obtained their certificate from our Dutch midwife volunteer Sanne after an insensitive three-week basic health care course. The main goal is to be aware of possible problems in time and to accompany the women to the professional midwife in the pharmacy.
AGRICULTURE: (Jan 2015…current): Push and Pull; an organic way of growing mais
WATER: (Jan 2009…current) Waterpipe for Mambo village
WATER: (Jan 2010..current) Bluepumps in remote area’s
EDUCATION: (2009..current) Computer classes for kids and adults
AnimalHealth (Sept 21015): Dog party @ MamboViewPoint! Our Veterinarian team under leadership of from Linda vaccinated over 200 dogs against Rabies in the 8 villages around
HEALTH CARE (2015) Finishing Tema dispensary

EDUCATION: 2009..current Child circus for the kids

NATURE PRESERVATION: (2010..current) restoring damage in the forest from illegal mining
ART (2009..current): Artists are supported and sell their products to tourists and shops abroad
INFRASTRUCTURE: (2009..current): Roadworks
INFRASTRUCTURE: (2011): 4 new bridges were built and locals were educated by BG&E from Australia
EDUCATION (2009..current): games for small children
EDUCATION (2014..current): Library books for children
TOURISM (2009..current): Birding coursed for guides
HEALTH: (2009..current): Equipment for dispensaries
HEALTH: (2012..current) Education for Traditional birth attendants
EDUCATION: (2009..current) Sponsorships, extra education and extra teachers
ECONOMICS: (2015..current): Classes entrepreneurship fro adults
AGRICULTURE: (2009..current): training for farmers
AGRICULTURE: (2009..current): training of local Veterinarians, vaccination and and animal health programs
EDUCATION: (2016..current) Tablet classes for kids
SPORTS; (2016): Establishment of a nice football field
EDUCATION: (2012..2014): Providing of schoolbooks
EDUCATION: (2009..current): updating class rooms to make them inviting

Yoghurt&Cheese (2009..current) 7 Women learned how to make yoghurt and cheese and have their business from it.
EXCHANGE PROGRAMS (2009..current): Exchange program with children from abroad
HEALTH: (2014..current): Efficient and smokeless stoves
Education: (2009..current) Local artist made nice paintings on the outside of schools.
EDUCATION: (2012): Solar lights for kids to be able to study at home

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