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JamiiSawa is mainly active in the area from Mambo and the ward Sunga in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. The idea is to improve the quality of live in the area, not by aid but by trade.
JamiiSawa tries to increase the income of the local people and with this the well being of the people in a sustainable way.

The interrelatedness of problems

Development is not a matter of quickly throwing money around, it is way more complex. Problems are interrelated so you really need to have deeper insight. Let me give a simple example: the water issue.a. Cows need 40 to 60 liters of water a day to be healthy and able to produce a proper amount of milk.b. According to our water expert the area is drying out at the moment, due to population pressure, deforestation etc.c. Many people are poor so they need to be able to increase their incomeIf I look solely at A and C one may think that you simply give cows more water and everyone gets what they need. But because of B that implies there is less water for all other needs, for basic things as cooking and drinking. It is not as simple as you might think it. Pretty much everything is interrelated and much broader solutions to the issues are needed. This clarifies a bit how careful things need to be balanced here.

How we deal with the interrelatedness of problems.

We, as Jamiisawa have a good overview over a large variety of issues and the way they are related. Be it deforestation, dehydration, animal health, education, peoples’ health, food-security, cultural aspects, gender relations, capacities around and potentials for change, you name it. We carefully bring professionals and local stakeholders together, not only on one issue but under an umbrella which will cover the large diversity of issues to secure sustainability and well embedding. We are creating a place where people can have well-informed discussions and make well-informed plans and decisions.

Our main interests

Education:Without knowledge no development. No need to stress how important it is to improve the general knowledge and quality of the education. Projects in this field:

  • Extra teachers for primary schools
  • Books for the schools
  • Scholarships for the secondary schools
  • Sesamy street for kids
  • Tablet classes
  • Computer classes
  • After school activities like a child circus, sports and theater

Health care:Without healthy people no development. No need to stress how important it is to improve the general health. Projects in this field:

  • Reducing risk for sickness (clean drinking water, no smoking stoves etc)
  • Improving quality of the health care.
  • Improving the basic knowledge of natural healers and traditional midwifes.
  • Establishing of a small clinic
  • Establishing of an ambulance

Water:Without water no development. No need to stress how important it is to improve the quality and quantity of clear drinking water and water for irrigation. Projects in this field:

  • A pipeline with taps from a source in the rain forest.
  • New hand water pumps.
  • Rain water catchment.
  • Planting of new trees.
  • Reducing pollution from agricultural chemicals.

Roads:Without access no development. No need to stress how important it is to improve the quality and quantity of the roads. Projects in this field:

  • Improvement of excising roads.
  • Making new roads.
  • Making new bridges.

Agriculture:Agriculture is one of the main sources of existence in the Usambara mountains. By improvements this can gain more income. Projects in this field:

  • Improvement of milk production.
  • Improvement of crops.
  • Introducing of better crops.
  • Courses organic farming.
  • Irrigation.

TourismSmall scale tourism is one of the possibilities for more income in the Usambara mountains. Projects in this field:

  • Establishment and improvement of hotels and lodges.
  • Establishment and improvement of tour companies.
  • Establishment and improvement of home stays.
  • Establishment and improvement of guiding.
  • Establishment and improvement of related activities like selling art and local products.

Forest and environment:A nice and healthy environment improves the quality of life. Deforestation also will reduce the amount of water and a nice forest will attract tourists. Projects in this field:

  • Awareness for environment.
  • Tree planting.
  • Alternatives for logging, charcoal and firewood.
  • Alternative income like bee keeping and guiding

Added value:A good use of the available recourses without exploiting them can generate more income. Searching for added value gives jobs and more income Projects in this field:

  • Making cheese and yoghurt.
  • Making jam.
  • Making soap.
  • Wood workshop for making furniture.
  • etc.

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